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Synergy - relationships with ISO

Is there a link and what is the difference between ISO & Synergy ?
Both are standardisation organisations operating under strict rules and procedures involving all interested parties in the certification process
Only ISO members (i.e. national standardisation bodies) may propose to develop new ISO standards – any other interested party or potential scheme owner doesn’t have access to ISO services
Synergy’s mission is to provide a professional opportunity for addressing market needs for standards and schemes that cannot (yet) undergo the ISO channel
Are Synergy standards recognised by ISO
No, ISO doesn’t recognise any standard develop by another organisation
But Synergy standards may and are going to be used as initial working drafts for subsequent development of new ISO standards
Does ISO mandate Synergy to develop standards ?
No, ISO doesn’t mandate any organisation to develop standards
But Synergy operates according rules compliant with the ISO directives and many ISO experts cooperate to standardisation projects driven by Synergy
For whom does Synergy develop standards?
Synergy develops standards and schemes for any scheme owner compliant with the applicable profile (see Project team)‏
Branding of Synergy develop standards may be either scheme owner or Synergy branding
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